Cory Booth studios

photography, Design and Creative Works for Those Who Desire Elegance


Stylized studio photographer, specializing in shadow-filled and dark works. Five years experience with location shooting and journalism.  seeking to create new art and make connections in the creative world.


Trained in Military design and adapted to content creation for business use. Experience in Logo and design for print production, with an emphasis on working with a client to deliver their dream.


Experience in on-the-fly shooting for Journalism with practice in pop-up-set shooting and lighting. Experienced in editing with Adobe Suite, with an emphasis on creative works rather than documentation.


With Military training, I am experienced in adapting to the situation at hand. Honesty with my experience and skill is very important to me; if I cannot do something I will say so. Contact me with any special requests or ideas.

About Me

Throughout life, I never was satisfied with doing what everyone else did, I always observed and adapted what I loved with my style. Enlisting in the Navy as a Photojournalist and designer offered me the opportunity to explore a creative mindset within a specific field. Taking what I learned, following retirement, I have begun my exploration into my own style and mindset, starting my journey to share my visions with the world.

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Recent projects and work

Examples of Current Projects, Both Complete and In progress.

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Gothic Stylized Photo-shoot on Location using natural light and a single Flash.

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Planned Photo-shoot using Color, Dual flash and a more intimate style.

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Designed Studio Shoot, using Front Flash and 2 rear flashes. Color Added in Post Processing to White Texture in Photograph.

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Impromptu Location Shoot using Single Flash and Kit Camera at Sunset.