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Prior to attending the Art Institute of San Francisco for a degree in advertising, I was enlisted for more than 4 years within the U.S. Navy. My career path trained me in public affairs, written and photojournalism, graphic design, video and audio content production, and print production.


I am looking to keep my hobbies as hobbies, while expanding my knowledge elsewhere to pursue more  job options throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With previous experience with content creation and public relations, I have chosen to pursue a career within the advertising field of business.


My goal, at the end of the program, is to seek out a government service job or Freelance for Photography and design.

About My Style and Design

My style and design was adapted from my journalism training.  As a photojournalist, especially in the Navy, the amount of creative works are slim.  Mainly due to quick turn around and lack of support for anything outside the norm, the Navy really avoided creativity.


On my own, I took what I wasn't allowed to do and explored all of that. MY love of shadows, pop color, and shooting portraiture in different lighting are some of my favorites. I strive to have a control over the light and shadow, and prefer to shoot at dusk or later.

My design work reflects the style of the customer; This website is a large reflection of my style, dialed back a bit to allow for display on a computer screen.

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